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RAISE Student Blog – Call For Contributions

Updated: Jan 4

Higher education is experiencing change at rapid speed from cost of living, ChatGPT, blended learning and attendance challenges. Through all of this, ensuring students views and opinions are central to the conversations taking place in the sector is paramount.

At RAISE, we believe in collaborating with students and empowering them to voice their concerns on the issues that matter. This very post for instance is jointly written by the three student RAISE committee members. We are all about coming together for beneficial scholarly discussion, sharing ideas and developing collaborative projects.

In line with our values, we are actively seeking contributions from students and student officers for the RAISE student blog. We welcome ideas for blog posts from all students (from any institution across the globe) interested in sharing their thoughts or research on subjects relating to student engagement. This includes both full-time and part-time undergraduates, students’ union/association officers and representatives, as well as PhD students.

Why contribute with a blog?  

Writing a blog post is a great opportunity to reflect on the knowledge gained from developing a project or resource about student engagement as well as being able to present your work to a wider audience. You could also share an area you are deeply passionate about, from student representation to greater pastoral support for student officers, we welcome your contributions!

Additionally, you will develop your writing skills, with the chance to develop your post into a full journal article. By sharing your work, you will be contributing to the entire RAISE network which comprises members from around the world who will be able to debate, discuss and support what you have written.

What can I talk about?

You could reflect on or share any of the following:

  • A resource you’ve developed that may be of interest to a broader audience (e.g., an approach to student engagement development).

  • A provocative perspective or call to action on an aspect of student engagement or the student experience which you feel passionate about (e.g., widening participation, inclusivity, or employability).

  • Content and/or your reflections on a conference, professional development event, or a book/article related to student engagement.

We also welcome other ideas that may not fit into the above categories, so long as they are focused on an aspect of student engagement as per RAISE’s definition.

Support with writing a blog

We have a whole page dedicated to the guidelines for writing a RAISE blog post available here. They are designed to be informative and supportive. If you have any questions about submitting a blog, feel free to reach out to us.

What’s to come on the RAISE student blog?

As student commitee members Conor Naughton (student committee member) Cinnomen McGuigan (student officer) and Daisy Bao (student committee member) we will be sharing our own blogs over the coming months focused on our own areas of expertise and passion. Including:

  • Students’ Unions and engagement with elected officers

  • Student partnership

  • Peer support and peer learning

Submit an idea!

Like what you have heard and feel ready to submit an idea? You can do so here.

We look forward to receiving your submissions!

Conor, Cinnomen, Daisy.


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