Conference Materials

You can find materials and presentations from past RAISE Conferences here.

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RAISE Conference 2021

Day 1 Parallel Session 1A Talk 1: The challenges of teaching and learning during a pandemic become an opportunity: reflections on a student and academic partnership. Dr Giulia Getti & Dr Sarah Harris (University of Greenwich) Parallel Session 1A Talk 2: Reflections of the COVID Cohort. Kristyna Campbell, Katherine Riding, Dr Lauren Clark and Dr Cosette Crisan (UCL) Parallel Session 1B: Co-creation and Enhancing Student Capital (Prof Monika Foster, University of Sunderland) Partnership Special Interest Group: Build-a Bridge Project: Creating safe and effective learning spaces with and for students; Chaired by: Wendy Garner, Peggy Murphy and Brendan O’Sullivan, Michelle Tytherleigh (University of Chester) Parallel Session 2A: Early Career Researcher Special Interest Group Session - Fireside Chat: Reflecting on being an Early Career Researcher in 2021; Chaired by: Kiu Sum (University of Westminster) and John Lean (Manchester Metropolitan University) Keynote: How have student voice behaviours changed as a result of COVID and have they changed for the better? Sophie Leslie and Anish Bagga (Unitu) Day 2 Keynote: From transitions to trasnformations - what next for our racially and religiously minoritized students? Maisha Islam (University of Winchester) Parallel Session 1B: Bringing the student voice into debates about race - the experience and impact of Inclusivity consultants at Greenwich; Carl Williams (Greenwich Students' Union) Parallel Session 2B: Engaging Assessment Special Interest Group Session – Fostering belonging via engaging assessment and feedback practices; Dr Karen Gravett (University of Surrey) Keynote: How can we know whether online or onsite is best? Thoughts about learning and the student experience post-COVID; Carl Gombrich (London Interdisciplinary School)