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RAISE Buddy Scheme 2023-24

The RAISE Buddy Scheme aims to facilitate communication and collaboration across our members, as well as offering relevant opportunities for continued professional development and networking.


The scheme runs each academic year and applications for the 2023-24 year were held in November 2023. In December 2023 Buddies will be matched and introduced, with the first Buddies event taking place early in 2024


We aim to inform you of who your buddies are during the week commencing Monday 11 December 2023, with further information for how to connect in the email. 


Throughout the scheme, you will have the opportunity to meet your buddy and other participants in the scheme at RAISE events. We will also provide opportunities for you to feed back about the success of your buddying match(es) and the impact of the scheme on your professional development.

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Who can apply for the RAISE Buddy Scheme?


We welcome applications from anyone with an interest in student engagement in tertiary education. This includes students, academic staff and members of professional services. We also encourage applications from those based internationally, as well as in the UK.


What are the benefits of the RAISE Buddy Scheme?


The major benefits of joining the RAISE Buddy Scheme are:


  • Having the opportunity to connect with others who have a mutual interest in student engagement, discuss experiences in the field or find out about student engagement more widely

  • Having the opportunity to learn from other contexts (e.g., people in different institutions, countries and careers or student stages)

  • Invitations to events throughout the year on themes related to student engagement topics that Buddies are most interested in

  • Potential opportunity for cross-institutional collaboration on small projects or journal articles


When will I be matched with a Buddy?


We aim to contact everyone who has expressed an interest in becoming part of the RAISE Buddy Scheme during December 2023 with details of their match.

Who can I contact about the RAISE Buddy Scheme?


For more information, please contact:

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