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Partnership Special Interest Group – Impactful Student Partnerships

The RAISE Partnership Special Interest Group are hosting an online session about ‘Impactful Student Partnerships’ on Wednesday 4th May between 16.00-17.30 (UK time).

Impactful Student Partnerships is an online RAISE Special Interest Group that will provide an opportunity for you to discuss the meaning of, challenges associated with, and benefits from authentic student-staff partnership.

The session will start with a concise overview of two partnership initiatives - one from a staff perspective and the other from a student perspective. These short presentations have been designed to act as a provocation for debate. They will be followed by breakout discussions where you can reflect on the nature of inclusive partnership initiatives and how they can drive positive change for students, staff and institutions.

We welcome attendees who have partnership initiatives that they would like to share as good practice, as well as anyone who is curious to learn more about working with students as partners.

To register for the event, please click here.


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