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RAISE Early Career Researchers' Workshop - Academic Publishing & You

The RAISE Early Career Researchers’ Special Interest Group are pleased to invite you to their next RAISE online workshop on ‘Academic Publishing & You’ on Wednesday 23rd March from 14.00-16.00 (UK time).

This session discusses ways to get involved with academic publishing as a reviewer, editor, and/or author. The examples given will be from the RAISE journal, Student Engagement in Higher Education (SEHEJ).

By the end of the session, we hope you will feel able to sign up as a reviewer to SEHEJ and consider publishing there too, but the general principles are valid for all subject areas.

Speaker: Dr Rachel Forsyth

Rachel Forsyth is a project leader at Lund University in Sweden. Her research interests focus on institutional change, particularly in relation to inclusive learning communities and assessment in higher education, and she is a Principal Fellow of the HEA. She is an Associate of Advance HE and works on the Degree Standards Project which is exploring sector-owned processes focusing on professional development for external examiners. As Editor-in-Chief of the Student Engagement in Higher Education Journal, she is an active member of the Researching, Advancing, Inspiring Student Engagement (RAISE) network. She is author of Confident Assessment in Higher Education, to be published by Sage in 2022.

All are welcome to attend! Registration is free and you can sign up here:


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