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RAISE Reading Group: June 2022

You are warmly welcome to join our next RAISE reading group on 7th June 2022, at the usual time of 4pm (UK)!

You don’t need any qualifications or knowledge to attend, just an interest in the scholarship of student engagement.

This month we will be discussing a recent paper looking at engagement in the online environment, something which has had regular mention at recent meetings.

Payne, A. L., Stone, C., & Bennett, R. (2022). Conceptualising and Building Trust to Enhance the Engagement and Achievement of Under-Served Students. The Journal of Continuing Higher Education, 1-18.

If you don’t have access to this article through your institution, you can access a copy, courtesy of the authors, when you register.

It's free to join, but it helps us if you register ahead of time.


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