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Conference 2021 Materials

The conference featured four keynote sessions, kickstarted by a panel of students from across the UK, with an array of sessions meticulously programmed into our theme. Over the two days we heard from voices across higher education institutions around how the landscape of student engagement has shifted. In typical RAISE fashion there were networking opportunities throughout the event, so whether you were new to Student Engagement or well established within the field, we hope all who joined us found the event insightful.

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Day 1

Parallel Session 1A Talk 1: The challenges of teaching and learning during a pandemic become an opportunity: reflections on a student and academic partnership. Dr Giulia Getti & Dr Sarah Harris (University of Greenwich)

Parallel Session 1A Talk 2: Reflections of the COVID Cohort. Kristyna Campbell, Katherine Riding, Dr Lauren Clark and Dr Cosette Crisan (UCL)


Parallel Session 1B: Co-creation and Enhancing Student Capital (Prof Monika Foster, University of Sunderland)

Partnership Special Interest Group: Build-a Bridge Project: Creating safe and effective learning spaces with and for students; Chaired by: Wendy Garner, Peggy Murphy and Brendan O’Sullivan, Michelle Tytherleigh (University of Chester)

Parallel Session 2A: Early Career Researcher Special Interest Group Session - Fireside Chat: Reflecting on being an Early Career Researcher in 2021; Chaired by: Kiu Sum (University of Westminster) and John Lean (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Keynote: How have student voice behaviours changed as a result of COVID and have they changed for the better? Sophie Leslie and Anish Bagga (Unitu)

Day 2


Keynote: From transitions to trasnformations - what next for our racially and religiously minoritized students? Maisha Islam (University of Winchester)


Parallel Session 1B: Bringing the student voice into debates about race - the experience and impact of Inclusivity consultants at Greenwich; Carl Williams (Greenwich Students' Union)


Parallel Session 2B: Engaging Assessment Special Interest Group Session – Fostering belonging via engaging assessment and feedback practices; Dr Karen Gravett (University of Surrey)


Keynote: How can we know whether online or onsite is best? Thoughts about learning and the student experience post-COVID; Carl Gombrich (London Interdisciplinary School)

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