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RAISE Reading Group: November 2021

As the nights draw in for us in the UK, what better time to huddle around the cosy glow of a Zoom screen and discuss student engagement matters with friends?

Our student engagement reading group meets every month and you are always welcome to join us for discussion and sharing of experience.

We thought for our November reading group (Tuesday November 2nd, 4pm UK time), we would look at Caroline E. Kuepper-Tetzel and Emily Nordmann’s new paper on ‘Watch Party Lectures: Synchronous Delivery of Asynchronous Material’.

Please come along and bring your thoughts about the best ways to deliver lectures to support student engagement.

You should be able to access a pre-print version of the article from the link above, but if not, you can find a copy in the folder on the RAISE Advance HE Connect site (Resources Link).

Please register for the session so that we can send you the URL.


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