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Partnership SIG: Past Events

The Partnership SIG has previously convened a host of events. You can find details of these previous events below.


31 January: "Encouraging Commuter Students to Engage" (online)

4 July 2023: Design informed approaches to student engagement and experience (online)

3 May 2023: Rewarding, recognising, and valuing student partnerships (in-person at The University of Sheffield)

23 November 2022: Partnership in Professional Services (in-person at University of Portsmouth)

4 May 2022: Impactful Student Partnerships

9 September 2021: Enabling Partnership to Flourish During Challenging Times

September 2020: Pandemic Partnerships and Power

November 2019: Partnership SIG Conference

The Importance of Context

Adapting Partnership Schemes to a New Context

What Are Dissertation Students Good For?

Teaching for Staff-Student Partnerships

Shrewsbury Castle: Learning and Teaching Partnership

Student Engagement Officers: Change Agents

Student Empowerment and the Context of Health

30 January 2019: Partnership SIG

19 May 2018: Partnership SIG

  • Partnership SIG agenda and notes

  • Engaging Students as partners in global learning presentation

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