RAISE Election for Committee Vacancies 2022

Are you interested in joining the leadership committee for the largest global network for Student Engagement?

We are delighted to open the call for self-nominations to join the RAISE Committee as Chair, Treasurer, Communications Officer, Student Officer or Student Committee Member (x2). The elections will take place during our annual conference in Lincoln, 7-8 September 2022. Find out more and self-nominate for one of the roles below.



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About the RAISE Committee

The RAISE Committee is responsible for the management and oversight of all RAISE activities including the annual conference, Special Interest Groups, reading groups and collaborating with other sector organisations to advance student engagement.

The Committee normally meets at least three times per year. Successful applicants will be expected to attend the next 3 committee meetings (dates TBC but will likely take place during November, January, April and July) as well as our annual conference in Lincoln on 7-8th September 2022.

Meetings may be held in person or by electronic means (including MS Teams or e-mail), but at least two meetings a year will be held in person (pandemics allowing!) and one may be held at the same time as the AGM during the annual conference. RAISE will cover the travel expenses and conference fee for student committee members.

Applicants should be aware that the RAISE Committee and positions operate on a voluntary basis and successful applicants will be expected to commit approximately 100 hours a year.

The RAISE Committee would benefit from a diversity of backgrounds, both in person and in profession. We particularly welcome nominations from those from Black, Asian and other ethnic minority backgrounds as they are currently under-represented on the committee.

How to nominate yourself for this fantastic opportunity

Complete the nomination form online, which involves an expression of interest (500 words maximum) outlining your interest in RAISE and student engagement, and your skills and attributes that align to the RAISE Committee role. The deadline for nominations is Monday 22nd August 2022.

Positions available for election

Chair - Term: 3 years

  • General management and direction of RAISE activities 

  • Chair the RAISE Committee meetings 

  • Lead spokesperson for RAISE to external organisations 

  • Leadership and ambassadorial duties to represent RAISE nationally and internationally 

  • Delivering a report of RAISE activities to the AGM 

Treasurer - Term: 3 years

  • Setting the annual budget for RAISE

  • Ensuring sufficient reserves and managing the reserves policy for RAISE

  • Responsible for the finances of the Association and ensuring that RAISE funds are managed effectively 

  • Ensuring prompt payment of any bills incurred by RAISE events or activities. 

  • Ensuring prompt payment of any legitimate expenses incurred by RAISE members. 

  • Making recommendations about the level of RAISE fees and subscriptions.  

  • Delivering a report of RAISE financial matters to the AGM 

Communications Officer - Term: 3 years

  • Work closely with the Marketing Officer to develop and implement the communications strategy and seek opportunities to disseminate RAISE activities to the wider sector  

  • Responsible for creating communications content on behalf of RAISE, tracking analytics and maintaining digital archives 

  • Responsible for co-ordinating the RAISE Jiscmail, Advance HE Connect and Reading Group communications 

  • Be aware of other events, activities and campaigns hosted by other Higher Education organisations  

  • Deliver a report on Communications activities to the AGM

Student Officer - Term: 3 years, as long as still a student

  • Key contact and lead representative for student members of RAISE 

  • Responsible for student specific engagement strategies, events and initiatives ran by the RAISE network 

  • Full member of the RAISE Committee 

  • Lead facilitator of student events at the RAISE conference and other events throughout the RAISE calendar 

Student Committee Member (x 2) - Term: 1 year

  • Contributing to the Committee through advice and assisting the Committee members in the execution of their responsibilities.

  • Supporting the Student Officer for student-specific engagement strategies, events and initiatives run by the RAISE network.

  • Facilitating student events at the RAISE Conference and other events throughout the year.

Eligibility to nominate

The above vacancies are open to any member of the RAISE network who is currently a staff member, associated practitioner or student in the Higher Education Sector, national and international, who is working and/or interested in researching and promoting student engagement. Anyone who is signed up to the RAISE Jiscmail is considered a member of RAISE.

Election process and key information


If candidates meet the above criteria and wish to submit a self-nomination, they must complete and submit the online nomination form by 5pm on Monday 22nd August.

The nominees and their statements will be published on the RAISE website ahead of the RAISE conference.

A secure online election will take place throughout the duration of the online RAISE conference over Wednesday 7th  and Thursday 8th September 2022. Only delegates attending the  conference will be eligible to vote and receive a unique, secure voting link.

Votes will be submitted and counted online using the ‘Choice Voting’ software to ensure voting is secure. Results will be published online after the conference subject to verification by the Returning Officers.

The election will be overseen by the Secretary and Marketing Officer of the RAISE Committee who are acting as Returning Officers. All queries or complaints regarding the election should be addressed to the Returning Officers and will be dealt with within two working days.

Candidates are encouraged to attend the AGM, which is held during the RAISE conference on Thursday 8th September. It is not compulsory for candidates to attend the AGM if they have other commitments. If candidates or RAISE members wish to attend the AGM but are unable to attend the rest of the conference, please email raise@newcastle.ac.uk.

Schedule of election process

  • w/c 18th July: nominations open online

  • Monday 22nd August: deadline for nominations (5pm GMT)

  • Friday 26th August: announcement of candidates on RAISE website

  • Wednesday 7th/ Thursday 8th September: election open throughout duration of RAISE Conference

  • Monday 12th September: verification of results and announcement of result online

Returning Officers for 2022 Election

  • Jill LeBihan (RAISE Secretary)

  • Eugenie Johnson (Marketing Officer)

Contact details

If you have any further questions, please email raise@newcastle.ac.uk