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Call for Contributions

The call for contributions for RAISE 2023, taking place on 6-7th September, is now live! This year's conference will be critically exploring themes related to belonging, engagement and student success.

Abstract submissions closed at 17.00 (GMT) on Tuesday 11 April 2023.


Find out more about the session types and themes below.


Our conference will be exploring critically the following themes relating to belonging, engagement and student success:


  1. Does belonging mean success? - how does belonging lead to good (desired?) student outcomes? How are we measuring belonging, and ‘good’ outcomes? Are our measurements of belonging and outcomes going to address the same phenomena? This theme critically examines the relationship between belonging and success.

  2. Inclusive Pedagogies for Belonging & Success – how do we design teaching to meet the needs of all students? How do we design our physical and virtual spaces for belonging, engagement and success? This subtheme critically examines pedagogical practice, and how it relates to student perceptions of belonging and success

  3. Imposter Syndrome and Alienation – where are there risks and barriers which prevent belonging? To what extent to individual students want to, and feel like they, belong?  This theme considers questions around what students are being asked to belong to; how they understand belonging to institutions, disciplines, programmes, modules, and with their peers; and what it means for students who do not wish to belong to some or all of the above.

  4. Embracing Belonging: Before & After – how do we redesign our University higher educational systems & processes to embed belonging, engagement and student success? Which stakeholders get a voice in such (re)designs? How might belonging be fostered (or inhibited) before and after a student studies at an institution? This theme considers the longer-term implication of belonging and student success in higher education.

  5. Partnership for Belonging & Success. How are these partnerships established and facilitated? How are the power dynamics at play in a Higher Education institution negotiated when considering belonging and student success? This subtheme considers the pressures, opportunities and implications of greater partnership work within Higher Education.

  6. Intersections – with widening access, internationalisation, on-line provision. How do the connections between students and staff from diverse backgrounds and modes of engagement shape belonging?

We welcome submissions for the following types of contributions:


·       Papers - Presentations or interactive sessions (20 minutes + 10 minutes Q & A)

·       Workshops - Interactive and engaging sessions (45 minutes)

·       Pecha Kucha - Short, highly focused, informative presentations (7 minutes + 3 minutes Q & A)

·       Poster presentations – To be displayed as part of a poster exhibition


In the call for contributions you will be asked to indicate your likely mode of attendance (in person or on-line). In order to help with planning spaces, you will also be asked for any accessibility requirements that you have.

Abstract submissions closed at 17.00 (GMT) on Tuesday 11 April 2023.

For any queries, please contact:

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