RAISE17 Conference

Themes and sub-themes

The main theme of the conference is contemporary applications of Student Engagement and what you think its aims, values, and language are. You can select one or more areas to illuminate that- forming our sub-themes:

  1. Philosophy; can and should SE be so multi-stranded and/or ambiguous? Do its principles and values depend on the context and discourse? Is there a common language of SE?
  2. Policy – where SE policy and strategy come from and what is its purpose? Has SE been subverted into marketing?
  3. People – what does SE mean to you, your role, or your institution? Who is SE for? Who owns SE?
  4. Practice – are ‘SE’ practices actually about enhancing SE. Can you evidence that? What ‘new’ SE practices are appearing?
  5. Partnership – is this the future of SE? What is partnership? Can you evidence that? Who’s it for, and who owns partnership?