Recommendation from Swansea University

‘Through our STEP4Excellence project at Swansea University we continue to seek out new avenues to improve the student experience. This student exchange has provided another way for us to build on our partnership with students. Discussing the aims of the visit with Adam Powell and then giving him ownership, worked really well. It has been a great chance for the project team to work with Adam and hear his reflections, which he shared with his peers and staff as part of the annual student rep conference on his return. This will now give the wider student body another opportunity to be involved in shaping what we do and empowering them to act as promoters for change.

Learning about and sharing practices across their institutions through an exchange benefits both staff and students.  It has enabled Adam to get a ‘feel’ for how a different institution works and to compare that with his own experiences of Swansea University. The HE sector is familiar with sharing best practices, however this offer is unique as the student is not only at the heart of the discussions, but is actively shaping the future frames for partnership.  Swansea University is excited to develop these participation and engagement activities for students and expand our partnership working.’

Mrs Melissa Wood (Strategic Change Manager, Swansea University)

Dr Stephen McVeigh (Associate Professor and Director of Learning and Teaching, Swansea University)

Find out more about Adam’s visit here.

Recommendation from Newcastle University Students’ Union
‘The opportunity for Academic Student Representatives to partake in exchange programmes with representatives from other institutions is something that we highly value at NUSU. Sharing representation systems and best practice can help Students’ Unions such as NUSU to further improve the support that we provide our representatives, whilst promoting innovative examples and opportunities that we can develop. In addition the exchanges can be of great benefit to the students partaking in them; highlighting where positive changes can be made on their course or within their institution; broadening their higher horizons and improving confidence within their representative role.
Therefore, we feel that PICNIC is a fantastic opportunity for student representatives to partake in short term exchange with other institutions and students’ unions and we look forward to continuing to support the project.
Mr George Watkins (Representation & Democracy Coordinator, Newcastle University Students’ Union)