Offer from Newcastle University to PICNIC student visitors

Newcastle University                      

PICNIC Staff Contact

Professor Colin Bryson

Director of the Combined Honours Centre

0191 208 6389

PICNIC Student Contact

Emily Kirk

PICNIC Intern and BA Combined Honours


Type of PICNIC exchanges offered

  • Single student exchange
  • Multi student exchange (ie students visiting as a collective group at same time)

Types of activity available to visiting students

  • Work shadowing of staff and student reps
  • Study shadowing/observation
  • Meeting staff and students with expertise on specific issues
  • Visiting academic and central service departments
  • Student Union activities/roles including societies and sports clubs

Areas on which would like to share information

  • Student representation – enhancing
  • Peer led schemes such as mentoring
  • Students as co-designers of curriculum/research projects
  • Other forms of partnership working
  • Student Wellbeing
  • Recognition and reward of student participation in active citizenship
  • Enhancing graduateness
  • Opportunities for work placement and study elsewhere
  • Interdisciplinary education/modules
  • Project based/Inquiry based curriculum
  • Supporting groups such as commuter students, mature students etc

Examples of local practice

  • Multi-subject degrees
  • Peer mentoring
  • Peer Assisted Study Support
  • Peer Welfare Ambassadors
  • Graduate Mentors
  • Students as partners in strategies and practices

Available times to visit

Any time in semester and Easter holidays between Feb and mid-May

Any other information

Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact us prior to application to discuss their specific aims for an exchange. This will ensure that we are able to tailor your visit to meet these aims.