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Have you ever thought about an opportunity enabling your students to make the most out of a one-week-long or even a one-day long exchange?

If the answer is yes, PICNIC is for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

PICNIC is an opportunity for students at one UK university to visit another UK university for a short visit of between 1-7 days based on mutual arrangements (exchanges) between the partner universities.

The purpose of the visit is to exchange ideas about good practices on enhancing student engagement/representation/partnership while observing, meeting with staff and students to discuss practices and scholarships and contributing to events.

At the moment we are trying to keep PICNIC as simple as possible to make it straightforward to set it up. In essence, we have set it up as a field trip.  The sending university covers the costs of accommodation and travel with arrangements for meetings/agenda facilitated by the host institution.

We hope to welcome your university as our new partner!