London South Bank Student Union Offer

University/Students’ Union: London South Bank Students’ Union (LSBSU)

Website address:

PICNIC Staff Contact
Name: Sebastian Bromelow
Role: Programme Lead
Phone: 0207 815 6420

Type of PICNIC exchanges offered:
● Single Student
● Multi Student
For 2017/18 we are looking at sending approx 3-4 students and receiving 1 or 2.

What could visiting students experience at LSBSU?
● Meet with staff and officers
● Shadow staff and officers (details pending)
● Elections
● Course Rep Forum
● Union Council
● Societies Forum
● Sports Forum
● Campaign planning and delivery
● Full Time Officers
● Part Time Officers
● Course Rep
● Advice
● Volunteering
● Sports Clubs
● Societies
● Events
● Research and Insight
● Lots more! Just ask

What would South Bank students like to experience on a PICNIC exchange?
● Course Rep systems
● Campaigning
● Student Media
● Sports Clubs
● Societies (particularly academic socs)
● Student-led projects
● Whatever else they come up with!

Available times to host visiting students:
We are available year-round depending on what activity is being looked at.