Organisation and Management of SEHEJ

Organisation and Management of SEHEJ

Editor in Chief

Rachel Forsyth, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Senior Editors:

Claire Hamshire, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Ian Solomonides, Victoria University, Australia

Munita Dunn-Coetzee, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Ulrike Schnaas, Uppsala University, Sweden

Jack Cawkwell, Nottingham University, UK

Associate Editors

Aimed at those who have less experience of academic publishing. Students are particularly encouraged to apply for such positions. They will work under the guidance of a senior editor. Associate editors will take on the role of reviewers, after gaining further experience, shall share editing roles working with a senior editor. In due course, associate editors will be eligible to become senior editors.

Editorial Administrator (TBC)


Reviewers will need to:

  • Commit to, and follow the editorial policies and procedures of SEHEJ.
  • Be able to undertake the role for at least one year, preferably longer.
  • Be able to commit sufficient time and effort to meeting review deadlines.
  • Always be constructive, diplomatic and inclusive in giving feedback to authors.


Individuals shall be recruited to support authors who choose to use the Developmental Route to publish in SEHEJ. Mentors will be experienced colleagues (who may also be editors or reviewers) who are in a position to offer this form of support.

Induction and training

All those new to such roles (Editors and Reviewers), and indeed it is recommended that even more experienced individuals engage with this too initially, will be offered induction and training. Moreover it will be a requirement to engage in this, except where exempted by the Senior Editors.

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