Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

SIGs and Convenors

1. Partnership →
– Abbi Flint: partnership@raise-network.com

2. Engaging Assessment →
– Deena Ingham: D.Ingham@lboro.ac.uk; Julian Porch: j.porch@yusu.org; Kiu Sum: kiu.sum7@gmail.com

3. Inclusive Practice →
– Mark O’Hara: Mark.O’Hara@bcu.ac.uk

4. Digital →
– Steve Rowett: s.rowett@ucl.ac.uk; Alex Bignill: alexander.bignell@nottingham.ac.uk

5. Postgraduate & Professional Practice →
– Catherine Hayes: Catherine.hayes@sunderland.ac.uk

6. Research and Evaluation →
– Stuart Sims: stuart.sims@winchester.ac.uk; Wilko Luebsen: w.luebsen2@londonmet.ac.uk

If you would like to join a SIG, please email the relevant convenor to register your interest


Convenor: Abbi Flint: partnership@raise-network.com

The purpose of the Partnership SIG is to provide a space to discuss candidly all issues pertaining to students working as partners with staff, and student engagement through partnership in general. Any colleagues, students and students’ union colleagues who have an interest in partnership, or are working and learning in partnership, in Higher Education are welcome to be part of the SIG.

Engaging Assessment

Convenors: Deena Ingham: D.Ingham@lboro.ac.uk; Julian Porch: j.porch@yusu.org; Kiu Sum: kiu.sum7@gmail.com


The SIG looks at how we engage both students and staff with assessment in HE, the ways in which assessment engages (or sadly sometimes disengages), and wider assessment issues surrounding method, mode, inclusivity, and feedback. We hope anyone assessing, giving feedback, being assessed or receiving feedback would have an interest in contributing to and engaging with the SIG. The SIG is seeking to develop joint meetings with other RAISE SIGs so members can combine interests and benefits from attending sessions.

Inclusive Practice

Convenor: Mark O’Hara: Mark.O’Hara@bcu.ac.uk

The SIG’s aim is to advance a widening participation agenda in Higher Education by contributing to improvements in the experiences and outcomes for our increasingly diverse student populations. The SIG is interested in overcoming the challenges to inclusive practice whilst celebrating the advantages and benefits (for all) where it is introduced. The SIG invites members from professional groups in HE, different institutions, including professional and academic services groups, academics, students, and student unions.


Convenors: Steve Rowett: s.rowett@ucl.ac.uk; Alex Bignill: alexander.bignell@nottingham.ac.uk


This special interest group will explore ‘the digital’ as part of the student experience, and the opportunities for students to engage with ‘the digital’. This SIG isn’t only about the tools used to engage students, it is about students taking leadership and ownership of digital education.

Postgraduate & Professional Practice

Convenor: Catherine Hayes: Catherine.hayes@sunderland.ac.uk

The SIG aims to appeal to those who wish to learn more about how Higher Education (HE) can impact on student engagement for students undertaking postgraduate degree pathways.We pride ourselves on working within and between signature pedagogies in the group so that as a collective we can share our experiences of the potential impact of our work in HE on professional practice. We ensure that each event held has an individual theme or focus, enabling people to become regular attendees or simply to join us on a ‘one off’ basis.

Research and Evaluation

Convenors: Stuart Sims: stuart.sims@winchester.ac.uk; Wilko Luebsen: w.luebsen2@londonmet.ac.uk


The SIG aims to bring together those with an interest in developing, advancing or learning more about evidence based approaches to engaging students. We aim to collate and share examples of good practice in researching student engagement while developing and supporting projects and methodologies across a range of contexts and settings. This can include evaluating distinct initiatives and planning new strategies based on evidence. We welcome both experienced researchers and novices to share good practice and strengthen a community of practice around data-driven approaches.

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