International Colloquium on Partnership

Date: 10.30-4 pm 23 June 2017

Location: Curzon Building, Birmingham City University, Birmingham, UK

Students and staff working in partnership has rapidly become a major feature of the HE landscape around the world. There is much evidence to show that partnership working may be a powerful catalyst to enhance student engagement and enhance student learning. Indubitably there are benefits to staff and institutions too. Developing such an ethos presents an attractive alternative to neo-liberal, transactional and consumer models of HE. We wish to take stock of these developments and explore the opportunities, challenges and consequences of such approaches. Is partnership truly inclusive and open to all? What are the ethical tensions? Are some of these practices more ‘pseudo-partnership’ then genuine? Is there a danger of appropriation through neo-liberal or managerialist agenda’s? Our key note speaker is Alison Cook-Sather from Bryn Mawr. Other speakers include Peter Felten, also from the USA, Cherie Woolmer from Canada, Niamh Moore-Cherry from Ireland, and from the UK, Abbi Flint, Cathy Bovill, Colin Bryson, Liz Dunne, Karen Smith, and Roisin Curran among others.

This event was attended by 82 delegates and was a highly constructive and valuable opportunity to discuss all aspects of partnership and to network – the programme and resources from presenters are here